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Is doctor Matt Hamilton a sociopath?

Here's my story, you be the judge… I first met him when I took my cat to Newkirk Family veterinarians who he worked for, my wife who takes care of my cat and loves my cat very much became very attached to him because of his charming and friendly personality. She had complete confidence in him as the cats doctor.

When Dr Matt Hamilton started his own Animal Hospital, Beach Buddies in Marmora Nj she followed him and told every pet owner she knows how good she thought he was. For different various reasons I always had some slight doubts about his veterinary skills.

My cat had an ongoing problem with being constipated and we spent thousands of dollars with him over a short period of time having him cleaned out which would normally last for a few months before the problem would arise again.

I am on a fixed income and at one point a few months ago fell a few hundred dollars behind for the first time and Dr Matt said don't give it another thought, pay me when you can. I sent him a partial payment and told him the full balance would be paid the next month in May, again he said no problem.

Towards the end of April our cat hadn't gone to the bathroom for over a week and we brought him into Dr Matt at which time the receptionist said with an attitude that they wouldn't service him unless the previous bill and todays bill was paid in full, my wife was confused and very embarrassed. I had intended to pay for todays visit anyway with some cash I loaned from a relative so I told her to let them know that and the small balance of a few hundred dollars would be paid next week.

Everything felt wrong after that, first off our cat was ready to be picked up to fast, usually he gets x ray-ed and then given an enema or two, if that doesn't work which it never does, he is put to sleep and the stools are manually extracted, he then is bathed and cleaned and sleeps all the way home and is back to himself eating well, etc. by the next day.

When we picked him up in a much shorter time period than normal he was totally awake and still making these very strange load noises, he didn't sleep at all on the way back, continued making the strange duck like sounds, hardly ate anything for the next week, usually he's a very big eater, and was still totally constipated.

Every time my wife called she was nastily spoken to by the receptionist. Finally she called and said she didn't know what to do. The very next day we received a registered letter telling us that Dr Matt Hamilton and Beach Buddies would no longer service our pet and to pay up. My wife was totally devastated and confused. She had a major anxiety attach that night and could hardly breath. I was up with her for many hours.

The next day after calling to find out what this was all about we finally received a phone call from Alan V. Bernardini the author of that letter we received. He told us the reason is because the receptionist had told them a couple of weeks ago that my wife had made a comment to her that Dr Matt Hamilton is leading Alan around by the nose.

First off this receptionist has always had a slight attitude towards my wife which didn't make sense because she gets along very well with everyone. Second off, my wife never has remarks or bad things to say about anyone. My wife has been in business for over 35 years dealing directly with the public and has seen many times how a remark seems to always get around, she is extremely aware of that fact and never, and I mean never allows herself to get drawn into negative remarks about anyone. The only thing that makes sense is that this is how that girl felt about her two bosses but would never say it directly to them so put the words in my wife's mouth who for whatever strange reason has an attitude with.

The next day I had to borrow some more money and bring our cat to a different animal hospital. After taking x rays they said he was totally severely backed up. His stools were very hard, it took them 3 different procedure to clean him out, they said his stools were many weeks old. They prescribed feeding him only very wet food and putting back on his medication. On our last visit to Dr Matt Hamilton he told us to stop the wet food and medication and just give him dry food. The new vet said that made no sense at all.

With in a month we received a summons for a law suit over the money still owed to Beach Buddies


I filled a complaint with documentation to the Better Business Bureau and Department of Consumer Affairs, The ASPCA criminal unit will be next...

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LOLOL this is one of the funniest story I have read in a while, and total B.S.!We have five dogs that have all been treated at one time or another by Dr. Matt.

We have been going there since he opened, and we NEVER had a problem with Matt or his staff. I think the only sociopath on here is YOU !!

Columbia, Maryland, United States #1197090

Rude rude rude people

Columbia, Maryland, United States #1197089

Good luck getting past his rude receptionist Janet and his unprofessional manager Allan.

Columbia, Maryland, United States #1197086

Not just one complaint. Read on.

The office staff is rude and uncaring. That is a direct reflection on how much they care about your furry friend.

Columbia, Maryland, United States #1197085

All Alan cares about is money, not your pets. And obviously he runs the Dr.

Around by the nose. What a rude person.

to Anonymous #1541163

Not a good place to take your pet. It's a good place to stay away. Very rude to people ..and do not care.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR STORY, I WAS JUST GETTING READY TO Make a appointment to have my puppy neuter thanks for saving his life. I always read the reviews. I hope you cat is doing fine.


I am sorry to hear this information. Often, the office staff handles situations and makes decisions that the provider is not even aware of.

Dr. Hamilton cared for my Siberian Husky, Cody for two years with anal gland carcinoma and gave us the best and most compassionate care around. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him! The staff at his previous location were wonderful, caring and cooperative.

So sorry to hear of this experience.

I hope Dr. Hamilton can be aware of this situation and make the necessary corrections in his staff and the policies.


One complaint, One-yours!


you have experienced a totally different vet than I have. he has saved my dogs life 3 times now..

never any problems.sounds like a financial problem to me, which is always handeled on an individual basis. Good luck to you


dr matt has always taken care of our pets to the best of his ability but one thing i dont like about them is thier lack of professionalism. ive had several instances where i could hear them in the next room talking about me (tech: "i thought this cat was a maine coon, she looks small?" matt: some people just like to think thier pets are breeds"...and tech: hasnt this cat been here for the same thing before?" matt: "u can tell people what to do but u cant make them do it") all this was being said while i was in the next room crying bc i was doing everything he told us to do and my cat was still so sick.

Ocean City, New Jersey, United States #731422

I have been going to Dr Matt for a very long time I dont belive this story at all. I understand the cost of vet care is high but if you csnt afford it its not the vets fault. There great there meet the staff it will speak for it self.

very mad

Correction on the above, it was supposedly Alan that was leading Dr Matt hamilton around by the nose.

I'm just still very upset and feel terrable for my wife who always liked this person and had so much confidence in him. This is a total nightmare to her, she still can't believe it...

There was never even a hint of this to her by Dr Matt Hamilton, why didn't he at least ask her about it?

to very mad Ocean City, New Jersey, United States #681216

You waited a full week each time your cat had discomfort? You sadistic ***...

no wonder Matt dumped your ***. I would too.

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